Slutty Idaho Teacher Autumn Cassell aka kaylanadollxoxo friends join her on Chaturbate

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31:05 I could use some more fans (as there is 6000 people in the room) (drunk and naive as fuck)
31:35 trans introduses "her"self
31:41 "i dont have one" referring to username.. which she clearly has cause she is broadcasting...and doesnt even know what her username is "kaylanadollxoxo (its like we're in fucking lala land at this point)
32:20 best friend of about 12 years (trans girl thats convinced her to do this)
32:48 another 1000 tokens. "thats a hundred dollars....woowww does that mean we give a show?! JOJO is takin her pants off...yeahhhhhhhhh" (drops laptop and shuts off)
28:12 tries to show friends face before they add "her" on chaturbate which isnt allowed they can get banned but shes so drunk already shes not even listening or comprehending what they have already said.
28:34 whispering about tips "thats $500"
29:45 I look like a total skank right now, but you know what..this is whats happening
30:12 they are officially on our account, they need some alcohol..then she says "letss fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk"
30:34 shows other girls
16:48 "if you can outwit me I will fuck the shit outta you"
18:10 I prefer men, but i am not opposed to women
21:20 she tells friend on phone "sweetsullen" wants a private show.. for the 20th time..Shes so drunk she dont remember what she said 2 minutes ago
22:45 " i have truly and jameson......I have alcohol obviously..why wouldn't we?"
23:18 "we are going to give 'whatshisbutt' (cant even remember the dudes name)... we are going to give sweet sullen a good show" (** NOTE NEVER GIVES HIM SHIT)
24:15 "doors unlocked you can just come right in" as shes laying nude in bedroom and husband is in other part of house
25:00 the other two are not teachers, i am the only teacher here..kindergarten teacher "DONT REPORT ME"
25:35 and I am also a good teacher, so fuck you
25:55 describes last day of school, pajama party, watched polar express, "why am i telling them about my job"
26:50 the door is locked ???????? (does not need more alcohol
0:03 my friends are on the way right now
0:25 "we're comin"
0:47 Slutty teachers matter " i have my masters degree bitches"
1:18 this is a low moment for me? is it a low moment for me JOJO? talks about friend(trans "girl) telling her she needs to do this
1:58 I want to fuck "sweetsullen"
2:42 "unless you can pay out" doesnt even realize she already made like $200 for nothing at this point
3:32 talks about playing a sexual game she got from gislane maxwell's documentary
6:10 "someone said are you in boise".... "how did they know(NERVOUS BITING FINGERS)" Maybe cause u just confirmed it DUMB ASS
9:00 wants to make viewers "happy"... " i feel like I need to do that" ( yet never does shit after getting paid thousands, in a couple hours)
10:25 slutty teachers with masters matter
11:15 "speed here, I need you here"... "2 girls coming that are going to give you a show"
16:25 "has a history of dating people that arent as good looking as her cause of their 'mind'
16:48 "if you can outwit me I w
25:46 telling about her Job